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Professional Services

bullet Injury Causation Analysis – Dr. Stalnaker has extensive experience in accident investigation, Kinematics (motion), Dynamics (forces), and the causal relationships between the Kinematics, Dynamics, and the Injury.  In this area Dr. Stalnaker is oftentimes designated as an expert and asked to provide expert analysis and testimony during litigation proceedings. 

bullet Consulting for Product Manufacturers - Dr. Stalnaker consults with product manufacturers on the necessary testing and safety design of their products, with respect to potential product liability suits arising against manufacturers. Dr. Stalnaker also consults with manufacturers on the design of new products.

bullet Testing – REI has a testing laboratory located at our facility, using the NOSCAE standard drop test method for testing of protective headgear, as well as head impact evaluation.

bullet Research - Dr. Stalnaker consults on the design and evaluation of automobile restraint systems, child restraint systems, protective head gear, and dummy design modification for standards. Dr. Stalnaker also has a unique prospective in the chronological history of child restraint systems and automobile restraint systems, because of the early work in child restraint system standard testing and design, in which he has worked on extensively throughout his career.




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8337 Martinsburg Road
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Phone: 740-397-1698